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We work with your product team From concept design, tooling development, trial production, mass production, quality management to final shipment for your custom stainless steel bottle projects.


We were born from the quality, it is the gene and culture of our company to offer best quality stainless steel bottle products that helps us keep winning business and keep growing.


From the stainless steel water bottle product concept design to markets, we listen to your voices, co-operate with your product team to develop innovate products to hot sell in the market.


We considering cost saving from bottle container product design at beginning to bring competitive cost for enhancing customers’ strength and profit margin in the market.

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The Custom Stainless Steel Bottle Projects We Worked

Unique custom design water bottle with special features is welcome, we are here to listen your inquiry and will working hardly to have fast feedback with good advice for your team, let’s have a chat to start from “0” to the market.

We are driven by values

Need An Exclusive Manufacturer Factory In China For Your Custom Design Stainless Steel Bottle, we are here to listen your voice and bring Innovative product from “0” to your market.

Let’s work together on your next stainless steel bottle project

Make your stainless steel bottle fast, and your work right at the first time at the very beginning.